Positano, Amalfi Coast inspired - Tafuri Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, 1kg


The Tafuri line is inspired by the geogfaphical beauty of the Amalfi coast. Hence the names of our high quality blends: Positano 80/20.

Blend which comes from the combination of two of the best qualities of Arabica (Brazil and Konduras) and a type of Robusta (origin India). The combmination of the varietes of these coffees allows us to have a cup with a silky body and with an acidity tipical of green apple.

In this blend, with almost all of Arabica, we find hints of chocolate and toasted almond.

Sensory Profile

Toasting: Medium
Flavor / Fragrance: Intense
Consistency: Silky
Taste: Toasted almond
Carton composition: 6bags x 1kg
Carton per pallet: N.90


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