How we work

25 years of love for coffee

Every day we work with passion, love, and artisanal skill on the best coffee beans.
The raw coffees that we import are subject to careful selection, they are all accompanied by a certificate of control and technical data sheet to always guarantee a high-quality product.

A dedicated roasting

The selected coffees are roasted by origin, because we believe that each origin and type requires a dedicated roast.
A magical moment, rich in tradition, passion, and experience where coffee beans turn into a symphony of aromas.

Blending: tradition and innovation

The unmistakable aroma of Saka Caffè blends is the result of constant and careful control of the percentages of roasted coffees that we will combine.

Careful preservation

Packaging is the moment when all our work of selecting, roasting, and blending coffee must be preserved. Our blends retain all the characteristics over time that make Saka a true Neapolitan coffee. Tafuri Roasting concentrates all its efforts to offer its customers a quality product, semi-artisanal, where human experience and passion merge with innovation and research of raw materials.

The method

The method used for roasting is with a “rotating drum” machine.
The coffee beans are introduced into the metal drum inside which there are screws or fins that continuously overturn the product.
A gas burner conveys the necessary hot air into the drum for a time of about 15-20 minutes depending on the type of coffee, the capacity of the roaster, and the type of roast you want to obtain.
This method standardizes the coffee roasting and significantly improves its aromatic yield.