Pods Premium - coffee pods, box 150 pz.


Special coffee, obtained from the best selected Arabica. This blend achieves the perfect balance of low acidity, accentuated body and sweetness which gives a pleasant aftertaste.
This blend is ideal for whom is looking for delicate taste.

Ground roasted coffee blend, packaged in one dose pod in protective atmosphere.

Blend 90/10.

ESE pods.
Stands for easy serving espresso, and the standard sets the requirements for the ESE pods 7,5 grams of coffee, a proper grind, and a shape and diameter that allows it to be used only in ESE approved machines. The pods sandwich the coffee between two layers  of sealed filter paper and have a fixed diameter and height.

The ESE machines work in a similar way to ground coffee machines. They do have considerable advantages though, in the main no spilled coffee grounds, no waste, and constant sreshness.
Coffee absorbs oxygen from the air and as a result always needs to be kept as airtight as possible. To achive this the ESE pods are packed in aluminium foil, itself recyclable, and in the process of packing the foils bags are flushed with nitrogen for maximum freshness. The pods themeselves are compostable so the whole exercise is eco friendly.

Carton composition: 150 pods.
Cartons per pallet: N. 108.


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