Roasting Course (Green and Roasting) & Brewing – Aicaf – 14-15-16 December 2021

The Green & Roasting program aims to bring the student to a deep understanding of the subject of raw coffee and the processes of production in roasting, understanding the variables that intervene in the processing, from cultivation to the cup.



  • The choice of raw material: origin, type, and quality
  • Arabica, robusta, and other species
  • Natural coffees, semi-washed, and washed: their respective characteristics in the cup
  • Importance of the processing of green coffee on the result in the cup: the defects
  • Examine samples and differences on green: being able to recognize the botanical variety
  • Tasting of single origin arabica (washed, semi-washed, natural) and robusta (washed, polished, natural)


  • The roasting process, roasting techniques, and roasting machines,
  • Cooling, physicochemical transformations, heat transfer,
  • The roasting curve, the correct time duration of roasting, temperature profiles in the bean,
  • The color of roasting, control of the roasting process.
  • Tasting session: – tasting of single-origin coffees roasted with different roasting curves – tasting of premixed roasted coffee blends – tasting of coffee blends mixed after roasting (cup tasting).


  • The ideal coffee for each extraction method
  • Water: types and functionality in extraction, quantity, and temperature
  • How extraction occurs: the relationship between coffee powder and water
  • Infusion times and pre-infusion of each single method.
  • How to measure the correct/ideal extraction.
  • Coffee grinding: how to grind coffee based on the extraction method.
  • The different methodologies: moka – Neapolitan – filter machine – drip method (hario V60) – drip method (chemex) – aeropress – syphon – Turkish with ibrik -french press – cold brew.
  • Sensory tasting of the obtained coffees to understand their organoleptic characteristics.
  • Practical extraction tests on the various methods


Tafuri Roasting, Aicaf accredited location in Campania. Europa, 14 – 80010 Villaricca/Napoli

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