Ravello, Amalfi Coast inspired – Tafuri 100% Arabica whole coffee beans, 1kg

The Tafuri line is inspired by the geogfaphical beauty of the Amalfi coast.
Hence the names of our high quality blends: Ravello 100% Arabica.

Ravello, with its geographical high position dominates the panorama of the coast, and is a point of inspiration for the creation of our blend, from which it takes its name.
High quality blend that comes from a combination of three single origins of the best Arabica varieties from Central America (Brazil and Colombia).
The Result is a cup with medium acidity, with an aftertaste of honey, strawberries and raspberries and a persistent creaminess.
The Ravello blend has a high sweetness, making this coffee a true excellence of the 100% Arabica blends.

Sensory Profile
Tosting: Medium
Flavor / Fragrance: Intense
Consistency: Smooth
Taste: Fruity
Carton composition: 6bags x 1kg
Carton per pallet: N.90


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