NEPAL, Mount Everest Sup. Organico - Specialty 100% Arabica whole bean coffee, Tafuri, 250gr.

NEPAL - Mount Everest Sup. Organico - Specialty 100% Arabica Caffè Tafuri | 250gr.
NEPAL – Mount Everest Sup. Organico – Specialty 100% Arabica Coffee Tafuri | 250gr.

From the land of snow comes an extraordinary novelty, the only coffee in the world grown north of the Tropic of Cancer. In a small plantation in the Nuwakot district, at the foot of the Ganesh Himal mountain range and bathed by the waters of the Trisuli River, we have discovered one of the most prized Arabica coffees. It is an extremely limited agricultural production, certified organic, located on the slopes of the Himalayan mountains and irrigated directly with water from high-altitude glaciers. Planted only recently in one of the few regions at these latitudes protected from frost, the coffee, fertilized with natural buffalo manure, is harvested from November to January, sun-dried exclusively, and exported directly by air from Kathmandu. Its magnificent consistency and unique structure blend into precious notes of cocoa and candied orange, dissolving into exquisite and persistent hints of ginger.

Origin: Nepal Production Area: Kathmandu, Ganesh Himal mountains
Variety: Caturra
Altitude: 2200 – 2400 meters above sea level
Processing: Washed – Sun-dried
Notes: Milk chocolate, vanilla, candied orange, and ginger
CUPPING NOTES The Mount Everest Supremo coffee has a very delicate acidity, a light body, and a soft and naturally rounded flavor. Its color is a light hazelnut with beautiful streaks. On the nose, the coffee gives sensations of milk chocolate and vanilla. On the palate, the coffee has a light body and is well-balanced, highlighting sweetness and finesse in the aftertaste. SCA Score: 80.75


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