MYANMAR, Microlot Mon Amour - Specialty 100% Arabica whole bean coffee, Tafuri, 250gr.

Myanmar Mon Amour is one of only three lots processed this year, and the only one using the carbonic maceration technique, by Smallholders from Nwar Ban Gyi Village. Thi Ha Gyawalie and Su Nandar Linn, both coffee producers, have joined forces to create, support, and develop the “The Lady” project, which involves 51 women coffee growers from Nwar Ban Gyi Village. The coffee harvested by these women is limited edition. The cherries must be processed within 18 hours and are placed whole in sealed containers of 500 liters for fermentation, filled with water and equipped with a one-way valve to allow the release of gas. After 48 hours of fermentation, the saturated water creates foam that begins to escape through the valve, indicating the end of fermentation. The cherries are then directed to pulping machines and demucilagers, which usually remove almost all of the mucilage layer, but in this case, only 75% is removed. The sun-drying phase lasts from 12 to 15 days.
Origin: Myanmar, Southern Shan State, Ywangan Farmer: Smallholders from Nwar Ban Gyi Village
Variety: Red Catuai Quality: Myanmar Red Honey – Carbonic Maceration – Mon Amour
Altitude: 1,350 m – 1,400 m above sea level
Processing: Red Honey – Carbonic maceration – Sun-dried – Hand-selected
Harvest: December to March
Tasting Notes: Caramel and Hazelnut
CUPPING NOTES In the cup, this Myanmar coffee has a distinctly unique flavor. Sweet notes of caramel, hazelnut, and a very delicate acidity.
SCA Score: 83.00


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