KENYA, AA Masai - Specialty 100% Arabica whole bean coffee, Tafuri, 250gr.

It is called the Champagne of coffees due to its well-defined and special flavor, characterized by its complex and unique acidity, which is attributed to a higher presence of phosphoric acid, giving it a slight resemblance to a carbonated beverage. Kenya is one of the most renowned producers of specialty coffee, known for its quality. Interestingly, in this country, only 30% of the production is achieved through mechanical methods and moves through large commercial channels, while the rest is processed using traditional and high-quality methods. The classification for this origin is based on the size of the bean (AA, A, AB, etc.), and only 10% of the production is of screen size 18 AA. The Kirinyaga region is famous for producing some of Kenya’s finest coffees and is located at the foot of Mount Kenya. In this region, 72% of the coffee production is managed by small-scale farmers organized by cooperatives that assess each producer’s potential based on the number of coffee plants rather than the available hectares. The water used for washing the coffee comes from the Rundu River. The region has ideal conditions for growth, with red volcanic soil and an altitude ranging from 1700 to 1800 meters above sea level.
Origin: Kenya Varieties: SL28 & SL34
Quality: Kenya Gourmet AA screen 18 Masai
Altitude: 1,400 – 1,800 meters above sea level
Processing: Washed – Sun-dried – Hand-selected
Harvest: April-June / October-December
Notes: Fruit, Jasmine, and Cedar
CUPPING NOTES Coffee with a pronounced acidity and good body. Prominent citrus and fruit flavors, an unmistakable aroma, with notes of jasmine and cedar.
SCA Score: 86.25


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