GUATEMALA, Alto Refugio P.ta 19/0286 - Specialty 100% Arabica whole bean coffee, Tafuri, 250gr.

On the shores of Lake Atitlán, at the foot of volcanoes, lies the Santiago Beneficio, a collection and processing station for washed coffee. Led for over twenty years by Juan Pira, the Santiago Beneficio processes about 10,000 bags of coffee per harvest, including its own production and that of small-scale farmers in the area. Juan Pira experiments with new fermentation techniques each year to improve the cup profiles while ensuring consistent quality. His mission is to focus on small lots of high-quality coffee while respecting the delicate volcanic ecosystem where it is produced. In comparison to Finca La Providencia, Alto Refugio is located at a higher altitude and has lower productivity, producing about 800 bags annually.
Cupping Notes: It has a full body and an excellent complex aromatic structure. The sweet acidity of orange meets the sweetness of honey and fresh pineapple. The subtle and delicate acidity lingers in the pleasant aftertaste.


Additional information

Weight 250 g


Zona di Produzione

Santiago de Atitlàn, Agua Escondida


Juan Francisco Pira gestisce la finca Alto Refugio e la stazione Beneficio Santiago




Villa Sarchi, Typica, Bourbon


1600 mslm


Lavato con fermentazione in vasca tra le 24 e le 48 ore


Miele, marmellata d'arancio, ananas