Amalfi Coast inspired – Tafuri Arabica whole coffee beans, 1Kg

The Tafuri line is inspired by the geogfaphical beauty of the Amalfi coast.
Hence the names of our high quality blends: Amalfi 60/40.

High quality blend, with the combination of three Arabica qualities (two varieties from Brazil and one Arabica from Honduras) and two qualities of Robusta from India.
With the right balancing of these coffees, we have a blend with a delicate body and deep aroma, with high fruity notes, with floral scents and characterized by a high but non-invasive acidity.

Sensory Profile

  • Toasting: medium
  • Aroma / Fragrance: intense
  • Body: silky
  • Taste: toasted almond

Carton composition: 6 bags x 1kg.
Carton per pallet: n. 90.


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