How we work

25 years of love for coffee

Every day we select , roast and blend, with passion, love and craftsmanship, the best coffee beans .
The green coffee that we import are subjected to careful sorting and are related to awards for quality and technical details to guarantee a high quality product.

A dedicated roasting

The coffees are roasted for single origin , because we believe that all backgrounds, all types , requires a dedicated toasting time. A magical moment, full of tradition , passion and experience where the coffee beans are transformed into a poetry of flavors.

Blending: tradition and innovation

The unmistakable aroma of Saka Coffee comes from constant and careful control of the combinations of the mixtures. Saka Coffee is created by fine single origin coffee.

Careful conservation

The packing is the time when all our work of selection , roasting and blending coffee must be preserved. Our blends retain over time all the characteristics that make Saka Caffè a real Neapolitan coffee. Roasting Tafuri concentrates all its efforts to offer its customers a quality product , semi-homemade, where experience and passion come together with the innovation of machinery.

The method

The preferred method for roasting coffee is: ‘ rotary drum ‘, in which there is provided a metal drum to which there are screw feeders or the fins to turn constantly the product and make uniform toasting, in which a gas burner directs warm air necessary for the process , for a time of about 15-20 minutes depending on the type of coffee, the capacity of the roaster and the taste of the coffee roaster. This method improves markedly, rendering the roasting, the yield aromatic of coffee.

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